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• I was born in 1948 and had a normal growing up in San Francisco in the ‘50s and early ‘60s.

• I got married and went to college in 1965 at age 17

• I became a musician, then a hippie with a famous music career (Sly & The Family Stone, The Electric Flag, and The Elvin Bishop Group)

• I used drugs (all kinds) and alcohol for 18 years

• I had a number of “bad trips”, including one that caused my wife to have to go to a hospital and soon cost me my marriage.

• I became an alcoholic to cover the pain from 4 years of agoraphobia from bad drug experiences and “free love” (that is, sex outside of marriage).

• I sought help in many forms of psychology, with psychiatrists, in Scientology, (21 different approaches to lifestyle, problem solving and personal growth in all) but nothing worked…including the 12 Step “higher power” and “willpower/behavior modification” approaches.

• I decided on suicide in 1980 because of the intense emotional pain from a breakup. (A miracle stopped me)

• Following the Bible did work…and has for 25 years

• I don't now call myself a “recovering” alcoholic or drug user … because I'm an EX alcoholic and drug user. Alcohol and drugs are too harsh for my level of sensitivity now and therefore not enjoyable.

• I've been living a life of deep fulfillment and great purpose for 25 years now…which has been manifesting as a writer, speaker, media personality and musician.

Dennis Marcellino 503-650-8840

Media Segment Possibility:
The root cause and permanent solution for an alcohol or drug problem

Q. What is the root problem of a person who abuses alcohol or drugs?
A. Not being happy naturally

Q. What is the root cause of the problem?
A. Not being in harmony with their true nature…giving up their true nature because of pressure and training from other people. And all this might be totally subconscious at this point.

But that makes another problem: the “homing instinct” and negative feedback from their body and life will try to cause a person to be in harmony with their true nature…which doesn’t include an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Then the person makes a choice: to obey others…or their true nature.

If “others” is chosen, drugs and alcohol are used to try to drown out the homing instinct. Yes, drugs and alcohol can also be chosen for a joy ride, but if they become a problem, normal sensitivity will stop using them. The problem with an addiction is the person doesn’t have the strength and peace to be able to stop. And only being in harmony with our true nature gives us that strength and peace. We don’t have the power to simply will those into existence.

So the obvious solution to all of this is: a person getting into harmony with their true nature, and then being able to stand up to others who would try to influence them away from their true nature…or they can just connect with different “others”.

Part 1 of that solution requires two things: knowing the specifics of what their true nature is…and how to transform to it. (The quickest way to get out of darkness is to turn on the light). My program shows a person how to know those specifics…which is a design that can’t be changed or debated with. And it’s important to note that the current American culture is very out of harmony with that design (especially when it comes to sex)…which is why the social statistics are so bad and the addiction rate so high.

We’re going to take a short break right now, but when we come back, Dennis is going to give us what he says is THE permanent solution for addictions. (Possibly play my music in and out of the break. Samples of it can be heard at

Q. So then what is the solution that you found that cured your own addictions 24 years ago after 18 years of use?
A. There’s a lot I can say, but the shortcut here is: completely follow the Bible to the letter and God’s Spirit within us. That’s an objective truth as to what works in breaking free from addictions…not based on belief or faith. But because of the many misconceptions and misrepresentations surrounding the Bible, part of my program consists of exercises that PROVE that the Bible is true, plus exercises for how to see and hear God’s Spirit within us. I don’t ask anyone to “believe” anything (including me). They need to base their confidence on reality, not wishful thinking. But I can guarantee (because God guarantees, and based on my own experience and the experience of many others) that the sooner they get that confidence, that’s the sooner they will be on to a naturally happy and deeply fulfilling life, where alcohol and drugs will mostly be too harsh of experiences to want to put ourselves through. That’s the shortcut, and if I really want to help people, I can’t let political correctness cause me to hide that truth. I mean, if I were to quote Socrates or Gandhi, the schools and media wouldn’t have a problem. But if I quote Jesus there’s this “walking on eggshells”, closed-minded climate. But isn’t it odd that we can’t quote the most influential person in human history, whom even the way the years are counted are divided by his birth. That’s a strange censorship that shouldn’t be…because out of the 21 approaches to lifestyle, problem solving and personal growth that I tried, the Bible objectively had the greatest advice and wisdom and was the only thing that worked in ridding me of addictions and giving me a deeply fulfilling life.

We also have to keep in mind here what the overall meaning and purpose of this life is…that is: viewing life from the “ultimate perspective”. That is the context within which we are living. And I prove what all that is about in my book Why Are We Here? (A couple of sample proofs: history [“words/works’], prophesies, intelligent design).

My program also includes a lot of great tips for how to get through withdrawal, as well as gives exercises for a person to totally evaluate the inner and outer life they now have, and the inner and outer life they’d like to have. It then shows how to transform from the one to the other.

Q. Where can people get your book and program?
A. The program can only be found at But the book can be purchased at any bookstore, either physical or online. But if it’s purchased at there are two extra free bonuses that a person gets with it.


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