Addiction Free Forever

Possible Media Questions

Q. You say you have 7 reasons why entertainers, who seem to have it all, live so recklessly with alcohol and drugs, even to the point that they end up dying at a young age. What are those 7 reasons?

Q.What is the root problem of a person who abuses alcohol or drugs?

Q.What is the root cause of the problem?

Q. So then what is the solution that you found that cured your own addictions 25 years ago after 18 years of use?

Q. You say that a key part of your solution to addiction is that instead of a person following others or their own conception of how to operate their lives, they must get in harmony with the design of their heart, mind and body…a design that already exists. Could you elaborate on that?

Q. Do you have any stories you want to share about the dangers and potentially very painful experiences that come from drug use?

Q. You say that in your method you show people how to have the good experiences of life without having to suffer the bad experiences that come along with drugs and alcohol. And you include in that even “higher” states than the high states that are sought with alcohol and drug use. How can you do that?

Q. You say that you were into alcohol and drugs for 18 years but have been free from them for 25 years now. What is your personal story?

Q. Will this program work for any addiction?

Q. What makes you say that other programs, like 12 Steps and Behavior Modification can’t guarantee success and yet this one does?

Q. What are the biggest obstacles to permanently ending an addiction and staying out of rehab?

Q. Where can people get your book and program?

Q. You say that it is inexpensive, less than the cost of just one visit to a counselor. How much does it cost?

Q. Are you totally against alcohol and drugs…or do you see any benefits from mild use of them?

Q. You hear recently that 1-2 glasses of wine per day is good for your heart? How does that fit in with your view of alcohol?

Q. On your media web page it says that you are a “personal growth expert”. What makes you a personal growth expert?

Q. Why did you write this book?

Q. It is often the case that a person will stop one addiction and just replace it with another. Why is that…and is there a way to stop all addictions?

Q. What about parents and mates who are concerned about the addictions of a loved one. What can they do to help?

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