Addiction Free Forever

Successful Musician (and EX Alcoholic and Drug User) Explains 7 Reasons Why Many Entertainers have a Big Problem with Alcohol and Drugs

What a Concerned Parent or Spouse of Someone with a Drug or Alcohol Problem Can Do

The Root Cause and Permanent Solution for an Alcohol or Drug Problem

The link between unhappiness and drugs…and the solution to both of them

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(In chronological order)

• Normal growing up in San Francisco in the ‘50s and early ‘60s

• Married and went to college in 1965 at age 17

• Became a musician, then a hippie with a famous music career (Sly & The Family Stone, The Electric Flag, and The Elvin Bishop Group)

• Used drugs (all kinds) and alcohol for 18 years

• Had a number of “bad trips”, including one that landed his first wife in a mental hospital and cost him his marriage.

• Became an alcoholic to cover the pain and agoraphobia from bad drug experiences and “free love” (that is, sex outside of marriage).

• Sought help in many forms of psychology, with psychiatrists, in Scientology, (21 different approaches to lifestyle, problem solving and personal growth in all) but nothing worked…including the “willpower/behavior modification” and 12 Step “higher power” approaches.

• Decided on suicide in 1980 (a miracle stopped him)

• Following the Bible did work…and has for 24 years

• He says he’s not a “recovering” alcoholic or drug user …he’s an EX alcoholic and drug user. He says that alcohol and drugs are just too harsh for his level of sensitivity now and therefore not enjoyable.

• He’s been living a life of deep fulfillment and great purpose for 24 years now…which has been manifesting as a writer, speaker, media personality and musician.

Dennis Marcellino


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